Artist Statement

The  world of paradoxes engages my attention. Our interior territories,  with the struggles and contradictions of the soul, the spirit, the psyche, and the mind  is a vast, complicated, and intriguing field.  The attempt to understand and  be consciously aware of this, motivates me and drives my artwork.  My paintings integrate and weave thoughts, feelings, and experiences into an avenue in which to tap into, explore and inhabit these bewildering paradoxes.

The series groundings is loosely based on the paramis or virtues.  I visually explored the 10 paramis and their contradictory impulses and the tensions that can arise in us. I was interested in visually exploring these virtues without the constraint and exclusion of particular religions.  Another series is the winged buttresses paintings – which play with the imagery and meanings arising from the combination of the flying buttresses in gothic architecture and the hawk.

I work in a way that reflects natural life; in a slow organic process each painting is created.  The paintings are created with multiple layers of paint, visual textures, rich earthy colors, as well as  human and animal forms. The figures tend to be a central part in most of the work, dissolving and coming out of the surrounding ground, interacting with it, and being a part thereof. The paintings change and evolve continuously as I work on them, as layers cover and reveal some of the earlier stages.   I work with oil paints, oil bars, and oil pastels on stretched canvas.